Summilux-R 50mm f/1.4


The Summilux-R 50mm f/1.4 is a high speed, compact and relatively lightweight standard focal length lens which is well suited for reporter work. The angle of view allows for a natural perspective and the large aperture opening furthermore offers attractive photographic possibilities, especially in bad light conditions.

The lens has eight elements in seven groups. The image performance is excellent, whether for landscape, architectural, for snapshots or still life photography. Exceptionally good and high-contrast restitution is achieved throughout the entire setting range and over the whole image field. Open aperture can already be used as a working f-stop, and the resulting limitation of the depth of field can give the image an additional creative touch. Stopping down one to two steps causes further increase of contrast. At f/5.6 the maximum resolution is reached.

Vignetting is very slight, especially due to the larger mount diameter. It is because of this diameter increase that the larger filter E60 is used (the former version had E55). The color rendering of the lens is neutral and it fits well among the range of Leica lenses.

Weight: 490 gr, length from bayonet flange: 51mm, built-in lens hood. E60 filter size.

Its Leica catalog number is 11344.

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This lens was first introduced in 1997 when it succeeded to its well-known E55 predecessor (11343). The new lens is a vast improvement over the older design at the widest f-stops and in the field.