Hasselblad XPan II


The Hasselblad XPan II camera is the perfect companion to a regular 35mm or medium format camera outfit. It is the world's only dual format camera that can shoot both normal 35mm images (24x36mm) and panoramic images (24x65mm). Especially the latter capability is breathtaking. It delivers panoramic images of the highest quality order on stock 35mm film resembling output of medium format systems for which Hasselblad is renown. The XPan system is the result of a cooperation between Swedish Hasselblad and Japanese Fuji. Two models are available: the original XPan was introduced in 1998 and succeeded by the XPan II in 2003. Sadly, production of the latter came to a halt in 2005. The new EU environmental directive would have it made necessary to re-develop major elements of the camera, which was no longer economical at a time where film-based cameras are in decline. The corresponding Fuji models are the TX-1 and TX-2, only available in Japan, with the Hasselblad variants worldwide. All cameras, lenses and accessories are manufactured by Fuji in Japan.

The XPan takes pictures in normal 24x36mm format and panoramic 24x65mm format, by switching one knob only. The vertical metal shutter windows adjust automatically.

The complete XPan II system

XPan II front view

XPan II top view

XPan II backside view

XPan backside LCD panel

Centerfilter, essential for the 30/5.6 aspherical lens in order to cope with natural vignetting. Recommended for the 45/4.0 with slide film and smaller f-stops.

XPan II viewfinder

The complete XPan II system with 45/4.0, 30/5.6 aspherical and 90/4.0 lenses.

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